October 8, 2020

Since its launch in 2016, Vault Comics has proved to be a vital home for comics across all manner of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror subgenres, and next year the acclaimed publisher is looking to expand. Next year will mark the launch of Wonderbound, Vault’s new imprint for books aimed at young readers, and with it comes a fantasy adventure that started, of all places, in the bathroom of Eisner-winning comics creators Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover.

“Every once in a while, Paul will be taking a shower when a story idea occurs to him, and before the thought can slip away he will call out to me: ‘Honey! Write this down! Peanut player!’, or something,” Coover explained in an interview with SYFY WIRE. “I don’t think that’s what happened here; I think this was one of those times when he came out of the shower and declared that he had come up with a new story. And I probably said, ‘Oh no!’ because this happens a lot and no one person can write that many things. But this time, he grinned and said, ‘WRASSLE CASTLE.’ And I said, ‘PERFECT.’ Truly, our shower is magic.”

Tobin, for his part, remembers the shower saga a little differently, but the husband-and-wife team behind acclaimed books like Bandette still arrived at the same conclusion.

“Okay, so I sing in the shower. Like, a lot. And the songs are absolute nonsense. I’m just babbling in there. It’s embarrassing. And one day I was just throwing words together and ‘Wrassle’ and ‘Castle’ kinda ended up hanging out together, and I liked the way they sounded. So I made a Wrassle Castle song to sing in the shower (I do not remember the song I sang in the slightest, which is too bad because — believe me — I have no shame and would gladly make a Tik Tok of me belting it out) and then later I was like, seriously, those words do sound fun together. Maybe there’s a project there? And so I started jotting down possible notes and it all came together from there.”

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