Vault to Publish Sam Beck’s ‘Verse’ Fantasy Graphic Novel in 2021

October 21, 2020

Wonderbound, the middle grade and YA graphic novel imprint of Vault Comics, will release Verse, an original YA fantasy graphic novel written and drawn by Sam Beck, in the fall of 2021.

Verse is the story of Fife and a world in which only evil monsters can wield magical powers . But Fife soon encounters Neitya, a young girl who has her own mysterious powers, and over the course of an epic adventure their friendship will transform the society they live in.

Beck, a cartoonist and illustrator living in Toronto, said the book explores themes of identity and relationships through the lens of fantasy.

“The story of a shared journey is one that feels timeless,” she said.  “It’s getting to see how each character grows and develops along it, testing the bonds they form over and over again. Verse is the story I wanted to read as a shy, bookish, thirteen-year-old. To be shown a wonderful and terrifying world and still get to see the moments of tenderness between characters amidst all of it.”

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