Vault’s Wonderbound Imprint Announces “Verse”

October 22 2020

Vault Comics’ middle grade and young adult imprint, Wonderbound, has announced a new YA graphic novel called “Verse” by writer and artist, Sam Beck (“Monumental,” “The Necromancer’s Map”). It will follow Fife, a boy living in world where magic is feared, and only practiced by evil monsters known as Vell. Fife’s life changes when he meets a young girl, Neitya, who has mysterious powers, and forms a friendship that will spark a shift throughout their society.

In the press release, Beck said “the story of a shared journey is one that feels timeless,” and highlighted that we return to those stories to see “how each character grows and develops,” instead of the “promise of adventure or the fantastical things.” She detailed how she relates to the book, describing that she “tenaciously sought these stories as a kid; in video games, in books, and in comics — my only wish, to immerse myself in that shared journey. Nothing is more delightful than being presented with a cast of colorful characters and slowly getting to learn what drives them to make each decision.” She concluded by defining “Verse” as “the story I wanted to read as a shy, bookish, thirteen-year-old. To be shown a wonderful and terrifying world and still get to see the moments of tenderness between characters amidst all of it.”

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