DC SuperHero Girls Team Reunite On Kenzie’s Kingdom From Vault

June 29, 2021

Former Justice League and Metal editor Rebecca Taylor, now Managing Editor at Vault Comics has signed up Kenzie’s Kingdom, written by Shea Fontana, drawn by Agnes Garbowska, and coloured by Silvana Brys for the middle-grade/YA graphic novel imprint Wonderbound. Publisher’s Weekly states that Kenzie’s Kingdom is about a teenage girl who is less than content to work at her family business, a castle turned tourist stop. When an out-of-his-own-time knight-in-training appears, the only way to send him back is for a princess to properly knight him; too bad the 21st century is light on princesses. Kenzie’s Kingdom will be published in the summer of 2022. Their agent Claire Draper at the Bent Agency negotiated the deal for world rights.

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