Review: The Unfinished Corner

December 22, 2021

The Unfinished Corner
by Dani Colman, illustrated by Rachel Petrovicz

Category: Middle Grade
Reviewer: Stacy Nockowitz

Five days before her bat mitzvah, Miriam boards a bus with her friends Avi and David — and her frenemy Judith — bound for Washington, D.C. But the rabbi driving the bus has other plans for the kids. Instead of taking them on their “tikkun olam” outreach trip, Rabbi Yehudi (the cleverly disguised angel Ma’alchiel of the Ishim) brings the kids to a mysterious desert-like realm and charges them with the task of flushing out all the world’s evil beings and creatures. No problem, right? Thus begins a journey for the four children to find the unfinished corner of the universe, a small area that Hashem left unfinished when the world was created. The only way that Miriam and her friends can carry out the angel’s directive is to “finish” the unfinished corner. This is the unique premise of Dani Colman’s graphic novel The Unfinished Corner. Miriam’s story is the surface layer of the book, but beneath, Colman weaves in a variety of Jewish myths and folklore. The strength of the book lies in the robust  characterization of the four kids and their friendships. Each has his or her own strength that they bring to the group, and reading about them overcoming trauma from their pasts more than makes up for the meager way that the various folk tales are threaded together. The illustrations are excellent, lushly colored and expressive.

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