INTERVIEW: Inside VAULT COMICS’ Wonderbound imprint with editor Rebecca Taylor

February 11, 2022

By Zack Quaintance — Vault Comics has had a breakout past couple of years among loves of indie comics in the direct market. The publisher has risen with a character-driven mix of science fiction, fantasy, and horror comics, ranging from Heathen to The Plot to last year’s dynamite 1-2 punch of Barbaric and The Blue Flame. But monthly comics for every Wednesday readers is not all that Vault does — the publisher also has an imprint for middle grade readers, dubbed Wonderbound.

And — despite being an adult (sort of) — I really enjoyed last year’s inauguaral Wonderbound output, especially the fantasy-wresting mash-up, Wrassle Castle. This is all why I reached out to request an interview with Wounderbound editor Rebecca Taylor. There are so many exciting books for young readers coming from this imprint, and Taylor was kind enough today to take some time to talk about them with me.

Check out our full conversation below, with previews of Wonderbound’s year two offerings, some insights about how the line is evolving, and what she looks for in a pitch … enjoy!

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