The Unfinished Corner – Interview with Writer Dani Colman

January 5, 2022

Finally, finally. Almost as a reward for wading through “less than ultimate” review books, I have been blown away by an amazing graphic novel, and I will have to keep checking my thesaurus for different words for “amazing.”

Published in 2021 by Wonderbound, The Unfinished Corner creators are

Dani Colman – Writer

Rachel “Tuna” Petrovicz – Artist

Whitney Cogar – Colorist

Jim Campbell – Letterer

The graphic novel is such a great format for an adventure story like this one. The combination of illustrations and text, the different formats — panels, double spreads, etc., and the mythical characters, will hold the reader’s attention.

As a fan girl, I could go on, but I had the privilege of asking writer Dani Colman some of my questions.

I want to be very careful not to reveal spoilers, because I know readers will be delighted when they encounter some of the amazing (stunning? astounding?) things in the graphic novel.

LILAL: I will give a hint that there is a scene which to me was a combination of the television show “Glow Up” and Mirka, of Hereville fame, versus the dragon. There is also a vehicle which reminds me of either The Magic School Bus or the Mystery Machine van from Scooby Do. Have others noticed this?

Dani Colman: The book is absolutely full of references for the eagle-eyed! I very much wanted to pay tribute to Hereville; there are very few proudly Jewish graphic novels for younger readers, and the Hereville books are so witty and adventurous and fun. Reading them was huge to me in proving that yes, this kind of story can be done. There are also references to many of the stories that influenced me growing up, from The Iron Giant to The Land Before Time to Herschel and the Hanukkah Goblins. Part of this is just a love letter to the stories that made me: I wouldn’t be the writer I am without all of these wonderful influences. But I was also conscious of the fact that, as a millennial, some of the parents reading this book to their kids will be around my age, and will have grown up with the same stories. Nostalgia is such a powerful force, so I hope that including these little shoutouts to meaningful stories will help these parents and other adult readers tap into that childhood sense of wonder and adventure as they read.

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